Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This week at HEB

There really isn't that much that I see this week, just a few produce & meat items that will be worth it to get.


Braeburn Apples or Anjou Pears -$0.58 lb

Minneola Tangelos -$0.77 lb

Cherries -$2.77 lb

Texas Grapefruit 5 lb bag -$0.97


Beef Top Sirloin Steaks -$2.77 lb

Assorted Pork Chops -$1.97 lb

HCF or HEB Boneless Skinless chicken breasts -$1.97 lb

Delightful Farms Chicken Thigh Quarters sold in bag -$0.77 lb


HCF dry cat or dog food 16-18 lbs -Save $2
use yellow HEB coupon

 Buy Energizer Max Batteries -$5.97
get Huggies baby wipes FREE w/yellow in store coupon
use $1/1 from the 1/1 SS
pay -$4.97 for both

Buy Pepperidge Farm Multi-packs
get Nestle Juicy Juice 8 pk FREE w/yellow in store coupon
use $1/1 printable

Wrigley's Extra Gum single pk -$0.97
BOGO free w/yellow in store coupon
pay $0.97/2 or $0.49 each


  1. karen i know before you had posted about there not being enough feedback on here..and its pretty time consuming..well i dont know if you have a facebook but theres a page on there about couponing in port lavaca and quite a few people are on there already...

  2. That's interesting, I would like to look at it. I was actually thinking about starting a FB page for this site. Thanks.

  3. hey Amanda, what is the FB page for couponing in Port Lavaca under? I kind of searched around a little, but didn't come up w/anything.

  4. search for couponing in the crossroads...looks like theres alot of people that wanna learn...not too many posts but there are quite a few members

  5. hey Amanda, I have tried every variation of couponing in the crossroads, or clipping or saving or calhoun or victoria or Texas couponing, but I am unable to find it! If you could give me the exact title, I would appreciate it! Thanks.


    that should work

  7. Hey's Wendy McBride.
    Thanks for this site. I got your printout at CVS the next day after joining the Facebook one. We used to visit Kathy out there next to ya'll. I see you in the stores since I work for Pepsi. This is great~ helps me a lot. There are many other couponing blogs I know of also.

  8. Hi Wendy- I'm so glad you found us! Let me know if you need anything. There are a lot of great blogs out there, I'm hoping that mine can put a more local spin on things! Thanks!