Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Printable HEB coupons!

Here is a page of coupons just for HEB!  If you share each coupon with 3 friends (it can be the same 3 friends for each one) they turn into some pretty high value coupons!  Here are the values if you share:

These are Kimberly-Clark products.

$1.50/1 pantyliners, pads or tampons.
$2/1 Cottonelle toilet paper 12 pk+

$1.50/1 Any Huggies diapers.

$1.50/1 Pull-ups or Goodnights training pants.

$1.50/1 Scott toilet paper or paper towels 6pk +
These are HEB manufacturer coupons and cannot be combined with any other manufacturer coupons, including a type M yellow HEB coupon.

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