Friday, January 20, 2012

CVS news

  Just a reminder that this week at CVS they still have Coke 12 pks 4/$10 they are part of the spend $30 get $10 CVS cash card deal, but they are a limit of 4, although I've heard that is per transaction.  If that is the case you should be able to work this deal by doing 3 transactions of 4 each =$30 get the $10 CVS cash card back -like paying $1.67 per 12 pk!!

  Also today there are 2 baskets of 75% off marked down makeup!  I think a lot of it is the Millani brand which we don't have coupons for, but there are others as well. 

  Don't forget to ask for an early "sneek peek" ad at CVS.  She has ads available for the next 2 weeks right now, and if you find something you really want you can place an order with her for that week! 

  Also starting the week of the 29th the Pepsi products will be on sale 3/$10 with an ECB for $4 wyb 3, so like paying 3/$6 if you want to order early for that deal!

  If you know of any other good deals at CVS or see good deals in the sneek peek ads, leave a comment to let us know!


  1. I'm so jealous of yalls CVS...

  2. I know, we are so lucky! I hope people here understand how lucky we are....but then, y'all have much better choices in Walgreens!