Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Walmart Trip -paid $5.00!!

Yes, after coupons all of this was only $5!

What I bought:

(11) Ken's 9oz dressings -Price Matched to HEB -$1 ea.
used (11) $1/1 MQ from the 1/8 SS

(5) KY Jelly 2 oz -$2.84 ea.
used (5) $3/1 printables, HERE or HERE or MQ from the 1/8 SS
= .80 MM -they paid me to buy these! (.16 ea)

(2) Kikkoman Sweet and Sour Sauces -$1.78 ea.
used (2) $1/1 any Kikkoman printable
= .78 ea

(4) Reach Floss -.97
used (4) $1/1 printables, HERE or HERE
=.12 MM -they paid me .03 ea.

(4) Sun Bird Seasoning Mix -.78 ea
used (2) BOGO free printables
= .39 ea.

Monistat Itch Relief Cream 1 oz -$4.97
used $3/1 MQ from the 1/8 SS

(2) Aquafresh Extreme Clean travel size -.97 ea
used (2) $1/1 printables
= .06 MM -they paid me .03 ea.

Total =$4.11 + tax = $5.00!
29 items = .17 each item!


  1. I have a bone to pick with Wal-Mart! First, they can't seem to keep the shelves stocked with the KY- I've checked several times now. Nor are they keeping up with the disposable Schick razors... and Port Lavaca WM doesn't even carry them!

    Much worse: the .5oz Cortaid was there last week, I saw the sticker but they (Victoria) were out. Now I see that in Port Lavaca and Victoria, they no longer carry it. They have instead the Equate .5oz.

    Ugh! What is this? The Crossroads Stance Against Couponing??

  2. I agree with you, it seems like WM has something against couponers! I've noticed, here in PL when you have a MM or something free or for pennies, you can guarantee 1) it won't be on the shelf the next time you come in, or 2) it will be "out of stock" until the MQ expires! That's why as soon as I see something at WM I know I better use all of my coupons right away because it's a guarantee it will be gone next time.

    Actually here in PL they are trying to tell people that the KY is a trial size & they can't use the MQ on it! They tried to tell me the other day that I couldn't use 2 coupons because it said on the coupon "one per purchase" -and this came from the loss prevention guy!

    Sometimes I really get sick of WM! I just don't understand, if they have so many problems with coupons/couponers why don't they train their employees? Get someone in there that knows what they're doing & make it mandatory to attend a meeting teaching them what to do.

    BTW, if other people are having problems with WM, call corporate & let them know, because without doing that, the management will make up their own rules! 1-800-WALMART!

    Ok- rant over! LOL!