Can I use a MQ along with an HEB yellow in-store coupon?  The short answer to this is no. But there are a few exceptions. An HEB coupon will be marked on the bottom corner with either an "M", a "B", or an "S". The "M" stands for manufacturer's coupon & cannot be combined with any other MQ. The "B" stands for Big savings coupon & is produced by HEB, meaning you CAN use additional MQ's with that one & the "S" stands for store, meaning it is an actual store coupon & you CAN use additional MQ's with that as well. The B & S coupons are few & far between!

Does HEB ever double coupons? No, never.

Does HEB accept competitors coupons or coupons with another store's logo on them? No, HEB does not accept any coupons with another store's logo or competitors coupons.

Does HEB accept IP (instant print) coupons? Yes, as long as the barcode scans. They will not accept any free product IP's, though.

Will HEB accept coupons for more that the value of the product? Yes, they will adjust the price of the coupon value so you will get the item free, but HEB will not give cash back or apply your overage to your basket purchase.

Can you use a MQ in a "Meal Deal" or "Combo Loco"? Yes, but you can only use a MQ on the item(s) you are buying, not the items you will get "free" with the yellow HEB coupon(s). For example: buy Hellmann's Mayo & get Starkist tuna FREE with yellow HEB coupon...you can use a MQ on the Hellmann's, but not the Starkist.

Will Walmart accept IP coupons? Can I print them in black & white? Yes, Walmart will accept valid IP coupons. BOGO free IP coupons are also accepted, but no "free product" only IP coupons are allowed. Black & White printables are accepted.

Will Walmart accept competitor's coupons? Yes, but only with a specified price listed on the coupon. They will also accept MQ's with another store's logo on them or Catalina coupons from another store as long as there is a remit address on the coupon & it is a true manufacturer's coupon. (No % off coupons are allowed).

Can I use a coupon for more that the value of the product? Yes, Walmart allows the full coupon value to be used against the product you are purchasing. If you generate "overage" you can get cash back for it or apply the overage to the rest of your basket purchase.

When you use a BOGO free coupon at Walmart, can you also use another cents-off coupon on the "free" item? No, Walmart does not allow coupons to be used on "free" items in a BOGO situation.

Price Matching (PM) at Walmart:

Will Walmart PM all ads? Yes, as long as it is "local", is valid (not a misprint), is current, & is the same product (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.) & is not a close out sales ad. (Sometimes Big Lots is considered a close out store).

Can you use coupons on a PM? Yes.

Can you PM online ads? No.

Can you PM another Walmart's price? No.

Do you have to show the ad to PM? No, but it makes things so much easier if you have the ad in hand to show them.

Can you PM produce or meat? Yes, but I have been told that with meat it has to be brand specific, for instance if HEB has Tyson chickens .59 per lb, then Walmart will PM only Tyson chicken at that price. With produce it has to be lb. for lb. or each or each, however the ad states the sale to be.

Can you PM BOGO free offers from other stores? Yes, but only if the specific price is listed. Example buy one at $1.99 get one free. They will not PM if the ad just has a picture of a tube of Crest toothpaste that says BOGO free.

Can you use a BOGO free MQ on a BOGO free PM to get both items free? No, our PL Walmart will not allow this (this is a YMMV thing).

Can you PM a store brand to store brand item, for example Hill Country Fare Milk to Great Value Milk? No.

Contact # for Walmart: (800) WALMART


Can you use a CVS + a MQ together on the same item? Yes, if the total goes below 0.00 then the CVS coupon will be adjusted down.

Does CVS give cash back or allow overage? No, CVS will adjust the amount of the coupon to get the item free, but no overage is allowed.

Can you use an $x/$xx CVS coupon before all other coupons are deducted? Yes, for example if you have a $4/$20 purchase CVS coupon, the total BEFORE all other coupons will have to be $20. Make sure to give this coupon over first to get the full value.

Can you use 2 $x/$xx CVS coupons in the same transaction? Yes, but the total amount before all other coupons must add up to the 2 coupons total added together. For example if you have a $4/$20 & a $5/$30 the total amount before all other coupons has to be $50.

Can you use IP coupons at CVS? Yes, as long as they are valid.

What is an ECB? An ECB is an Extra Care Buck they are the rewards you are given when you purchase specific products that generate the reward. They print out at the bottom of your CVS receipt when you check out.

How many ECB's can you use per item or transaction? As many as you want or have. CVS treats ECB's like cash money.

Can you use a BOGO free coupon on a BOGO free sale to get 2 items free? Yes.

Can you use an additional cents-off coupon along with a BOGO free coupon? Yes + any applicable CVS coupons.

Can you get a Rain Check on an item that prints ECB's? Yes CVS controls the printing system that prints ECB's so if you get a RC, when you redeem it, they will force print the required ECB. If you also have CVS coupons for that item you have a RC on, get the cashier to initial them or attach them to your RC, because the RC will extend the expiration date of the CVS coupon, meaning even if the CVS coupon is expired when you redeem the RC they will still take it.

Can you pre-order at CVS? Yes, you can at ours! (Port Lavaca).

Can I use my ECB from one purchase to pay for another purchase and still get another ECB? Yes, your CVS card will keep up with the ECB limit & once you have reached the limit, only then will the ECB no longer print.

When you are required to buy $x amount of product to generate an ECB, do you actually have to go over the amount? No, as long as you are pretty close, within .15 cents or so, the ECB will still print.

Can you get a Rain Check on the CVS cash card deals? No.

Contact # for CVS: (800) 746-7287; M-F; 8 am - 8 pm


Can you use a Walgreens coupon + a MQ on one item? Yes.

Does Walgreen's take IP coupons? Yes, if they are valid.

What is a Register Reward (RR)? It is a Catalina coupon put out by the manufacturer of that product that triggers a print when you buy the specific item at the register.

Can you buy as many as you want of an item that generates RR's? You cannot buy the same item that generates RR's all in one transaction, it will only print one RR for each transaction. For example, if Pantene shampoo & conditioner are generating a $2 RR each and you want to get a RR for the shampoo & a RR for the conditioner, you will have to separate them into 2 transactions to get both RR's to print. On the same hand, you cannot use the RR from the shampoo to pay for the transaction with the conditioner, or the register will identify it & will not print another RR. In addition to this, a RR is considered a MQ & you will not be able to use it in a transaction where there are more MQ's than items (items to coupon ratio).

What is "items to coupon ratio"? This means that Walgreens will only accept one MQ per item you buy & since they consider a RR to be a MQ then you will need to have an additional item in your transaction (a filler) that does NOT have a MQ being used on it to apply the RR to in order to use it.

What is a "filler"? It is a small purchase that is added to your transaction to make the number of items equal to the number of MQ's you are using (items to coupon ratio). For example, if you buy Crest, Pantene & Nyquil and you have a $1 MQ for Crest, a $2 MQ for Pantene & a $1 MQ for Nyquil, in order to use a RR to pay for this transaction you will need a filler item to apply the MQ (RR) to. This is usually a pencil, a caramel candy or a single roll of toilet paper, etc. anything that is cheap!

Can you use a Walgreens store coupon on an item and still use it as a filler? Yes, Walgreens coupons are considered a store sale & will not count against your item to coupon ratio.

Can you use a BOGO free coupon on a BOGO free sale to get 2 items for free? Yes.

Can you use an additional cents-off coupon along with a BOGO free coupon? Yes.

In an advertised sale where you get $x RR's when you buy $xx amount of product, do you have to reach the total amount before or after coupons to get the RR to print?  Before! For example, if the advertised sale is get $5 RR's when you buy $10 worth of Excedrin and Excedrin is on sale for $5 each, you would buy 2 bottles =$10, then if you had (2) $1/1 MQ's to use with them, you can use them & it will still print.

What does "rolling" mean? That is when it has been proven that you can use a RR from one product to pay for the same product again & a RR will still print. It can also refer to using RR's from previous purchases to pay for other purchases that generate more RR's, keeping the cycle of RR's "rolling".

Can you get a Rain Check at Walgreens? Yes, you can, but if an item has RR's that will print for it, they will only print in the week that the sale is going on. So you can get a RC for the sale price, but when you redeem it, they will not be able to print any RR's.

Catalina contact # if your RR's don't print: (888) 322-3814
Contact # for Walgreens: (800) 925-4733; M-F; 7:30 am - 5 pm

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