Abbreviations & Terms

ala = as low as

BF = Black Friday- the shopping day after Thanksgiving Day.

Blinkie = A coupon pulled from a small machine found in the aisle of stores, some have a blinking red light on them, most don't anymore.

BOGO = Buy One Get One (either free or 1/2 off etc.)

BTFE = Box Tops For Education, can be turned into schools for them to mail in for cash rewards for the school.

B2S =Back to School

BTW = By the way...

Catalina Coupon or CAT = Coupon that kicks out of the small machine at the check stand, triggered by programmed offers for your purchases.

CRT =Cash Register Tape

ECB = ExtraCare Buck, reward given by CVS for purchasing specific products, used just like cash.

ets = Excludes Trial Size

FAR = Free After Rebate

FARR =Free After Register Reward

FB = Facebook

GM =General Mills

HTH =Hope That Helps

IMO = In my opinion

IP =Instant Print- coupons that print right from your computer.

IVC = Instant Value Coupon, now called the Savings Book (a new book comes out every month), contains Walgreens store coupons, can be found in the front of the store next to the weekly ad.

lmk = let me know

MIR =Mail In Rebate

MM =Money Maker!

MQ =Manufacturer coupon

NLA =No Longer Available

OOP =Out Of Pocket

OP =Original Poster

OYNO =On Your Next Order

P&G =Procter & Gamble

PM =Price Match -At Walmart- the ability to show a lower price at a competitor to be matched by the Walmart cashier at check out for the lower price on exact same items.

PP = Previous post or Previous poster
Q =Coupon

RIB =Reinventing Beauty (Magazine).  This is a publication in the form of a magazine put out by CVS, they usually cost .99 & can be found by the register.  They always include coupons, some are MQ & some are CVS store coupons that can be stacked!

RP = Red Plum, the title of a Sunday coupon insert

RR = Register Reward, reward given by Walgreens for purchasing specific products, used like a manufacturer's coupon

SS = Smart Source, the title of a Sunday coupon insert

stacking =the act of using multiple coupons on one item by "stacking" a MQ with a store coupon to maximize your savings. 

TMF =Try Me Free

TQ = Target Coupon

WM =Walmart

wyb =when you buy

$x/1 or $x/2 etc. =the value of a coupon: if it is $1/1 that means you will get $1 off when you buy 1 product, if it is .50/2 that means you will get .50 off when you buy 2 products or .25 off of each product etc.

YMMV = "Your Mileage May Vary" or "Your Management May Vary"-meaning you may or may not get the same deal depending on management or checkers.

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