Saturday, January 21, 2012

Printable Hasbro toy coupons + FREE? Starwars action figures at Walgreens starting 2/5

There are some really great printable Hasbro toy coupons that you may want to print HERE.  Some of these were featured on, but some are new.

You may especially want to print this BOGO free Starwars action figure coupon:

Starwars action figures are rumored to be BOGO free at Walgreens starting 2/5!  That would mean 2 FREE with the BOGO coupon.  The only thing is the ad lists the price as $11.49 and the coupon says BOGO free up to $9.99 so you may have to pay $1.50 for 2 or .75 each, still not bad!

Print coupons now, before they're gone!

Photo credit: Wild for Wags!

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