Thursday, January 5, 2012

CVS news

  Quarterly spending earnings are printing right now at CVS!  Make sure you scan your card at the red box to print your ECB's that you have earned.  I got $6.50 that I used to help make my Pantene & Aussie deal $0 oop for me, plus I got back the $10 CVS cash card!  (If you don't scan your card they will print out at the bottom of your receipt, but if you scan you can get some great CVS coupons that you may be able to stack w/MQ!)

  Also, there is a HUGE display right when you walk in the door of clearanced hair color!  I think they are marked 50% off!  There is a new coupon HERE for $1.50/1 Revlon Root Eraser that should make for some cheap hair color!  Make sure you bring your coupons with you to CVS to check out all of the other brands that they have on clearance.  If you color your hair or want to try something new, now's the time to buy!

  Next week at CVS is going to be a pretty awesome week, you may want to ask the cashier for a preview ad for next week to check it out!  If you aren't aware, our CVS manager, who is pretty awesome, by the way, allows couponers (or anyone) to pre-order anything that is in the next weeks' ads so you won't have to deal with cleared shelves!!  If you would like to pre-order, there are a few stipulations, you must order by Thursday evening & you MUST buy what you have ordered.  This is a wonderful option that we have been given, so PLEASE don't abuse it & make sure if you order, you pick up your order when it comes in!  Thanks for this!  Also, be aware that if you know it will be a wonderful deal, then everyone else knows it will be a wonderful deal also, so there will be LOTS more being ordered by managers nationwide, so the stock will be limited to what is on-hand at the warehouse & what you pre-order may not always be available for shipment to our store!  Just be patient, & get a rain check in that case & pre-order again the next week or so until the stock is available again.  Your rain check will not expire, you just have to check your MQ expiration dates.  If you have any CVS coupons that you want to use to go with the deal you have a rain check on, (red box scanner coupons, or other CVS coupons) they will not expire either, just have the cashier or manager initial & attach any CVS coupons to your rain check for future use! 

  All of the "double pack", "value pack", & "bonus pack" items have started arriving also.  These are large packs or double packs of products that are marked at regular price if you bought both, but these ALL have ECB's attached to them.  If you want to check them out, they are directly accross from the back door to the storage room/ bathroom area.  There are also some on an endcap right in front of the magazine/ book area.  I think we have coupons for most of the brand name items, you just have to decide if it is cheaper to buy the double pack with ECB's or if it's better to buy singles with a coupon for each item.

  If you have any questions about CVS, or pre-ordering or anything else, just leave a comment & I will try to answer anything you ask. 


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