Monday, July 9, 2012

Scotch tape & 3M Post-It's, just .40 ea. @ WM w/new printable:

Head over to the site to print these 3M brand coupons then check Walmart for these low prices on Post-It's & Scotch tape to do these scenarios:

Buy (5) 3M Post-It's @ $1 ea. =$5
use $3/5 select 3M products (including Post-It's) printable
=$2 for all 5 or .40 each!

Buy (5) Scotch Tape pks. @ $1 ea. =$5
use $3/5 select 3M products (including Scotch tape) printable
=$2 for all 5 or .40 each!

*NOTE* these coupons do print with the HEB logo on them, but they are regular MQ's and can be used anywhere. 

Thanks Hip & I Heart the Mart


  1. I tried this at our Walmart yesterday and the dollar store today, and neither would take the coupon. The registers rejected it at both places, and they both said that if computer rejects it now that they can't manually enter it anymore. IDK

  2. Hummm...I wonder why the registers reject this? It is a regular MQ from a legit printing site. Do you know if they were using the long barcode when they scanned it? Sometimes that makes the difference, I would ask them to hold their hand over the long barcode and scan the short one (the one that starts w/5) and see if that works. I haven't tried this coupon yet myself to see. I'll let you know if I hear anything different. Thanks for the info on this BTW!

  3. I didn't see which one they scanned to be honest with you. I was so frustrated that they wouldn't work and the kids were acting up that I just wanted to get the heck out!

  4. I know EXACTLY how you feel!