Friday, July 13, 2012

A great FREE day!!

  Here are my 3 youngest kiddos at Chic-Fil-A today enjoying our FREE combo meal for dressing like cows on "Cow Appreciation Day"!  We made these masks, safety pinned "spots" to our shirts, made "tails" out of ribbon and cashed in on our FREE lunch! 
  While we were out, we also headed to Starbucks for our FREE Refreshers!  Sorry to say, they were NOT very refreshing!  The Lime flavored one was tolorable, but the Berry flavored one was terrible.  No one in the car would drink the Berry (I think it was the touch of Hibiscus that did it in), I've always thought of that as more of a scent than a flavor!  Anyway, we ended up tossing most of the Refreshers in the nearest trash can, then hit the mall to score my FREE travel size body lotion from B&BW!  I chose the "Sweet on Paris" scent....let me tell you, it is really SWEET smelling!  I knew my daughter would like it, though & it will more than likely end up in something for her (stocking, giftbag, etc.).  We had fun today & I was really impressed that it was all totally FREE!!! 

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  1. I didn't like it either! Blah! Sounds like an awesome FREE day