Friday, July 27, 2012

Awesome sale @ The Children's Place + up to 30% off + FREE shipping!

Look at all the great prices they are having on clearance items right now at The Children's Place!!  This is just the boys, there are a TON of things for girls (of which I have no need -lol)!  Plus, add a piece of denim to your bag and get FREE shipping, clearance denim does NOT count, but regular jeans are on sale for ala $10, and if shipping is $5, you might as well pay the extra & get an item you will use (IMO).  Also, you can add the baby girl Full Length Denim Legging for just $5 and that should get you FREE shipping also!
Use coupon code T7H2012 for 30% off of $60, X7H2012 for 20% off of $50 or Y7H2012 for 15% off of any purchase.  This code, E6H76QDP82 might get you 20% off of any order, it has mixed reviews.  B2S deals have started!! 

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