Thursday, July 12, 2012

PM Post Pebbles Cereal -ala $1.44 each @ WM!*

This isn't the cheapest price I've paid for cereal, but right now all of the kids are home, and the cereal stash is getting low, so here's the PM'ing deal I did yesterday at Walmart:

Price Match Post Pebbles cereal from this weeks' El Ahorro (Save-A-Lot) ad -$1.99 each
use .55/1 Pebbles cereal MQ from the 6/10 RP
or use $1/2 Pebbles cereal printable
=ala $1.44 each -after PM and .55/1 MQ

Note -you do NOT need the ad to be able to PM at Walmart, just tell them the price of the item (in this case $1.99) and the name of the store you are PM'ing, they should have the ad themselves to verify, if there are any questions. 

*If you need help with the abbreviations or acronyms that are use on this blog, go HERE to see the meanings of these terms.

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