Thursday, July 19, 2012

FREE shipping + 20% off at today (7/19/12) only!!

Today only, at, you can get an extra 20% off + FREE shipping!!  That makes the price of the clearance shoes less than Payless prices!! 

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We love Crocs at our house, my kids adore just slipping on a pair of shoes!  I have to confess....this past weekend my kiddos went to camp, and both of the boys needed new Crocs to take with them, so we just decided to stop at Academy to pick up a few pair on the way to dropping them off in La Grange at camp.  Let me warn you, I'm not used to seeing shelf prices of Crocs, I ALWAYS buy them online, on sale and with a coupon code....I. about. fainted.!!  They were $39.99 each!!  (That's over $85 for 2 pair with tax!)  I had no choice, we were literally on the way to camp and had packed NO other shoes!  I will NEVER buy Crocs again in the store!!!  So save yourself (and your wallet) the shock that I endured and go HERE to buy Crocs!!!

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