Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Update on HEB J&J $10 Cat deal:

Some people are reporting having trouble getting the $10 Catalina to print when they are buying the required $25 in participating products at HEB.  I did this deal twice on the first day of the sale & had no problem with the Cat printing.  I think some of the employees have finally figured out that the reason some of the Cats aren't printing is because of the "B" coupons.  It seems that the % off "B" coupons are triggering a "sale price" loop hole in the Cat deal.  So, when you use the % off "B" coupons along with your MQ's, the register is assuming you haven't purchased enough product to reach your $25 total.  For example you buy Aveeno Daily Skin Scrub @ the shelf price of $5.82, when you check out, it rings up at $4.66 after they scan your 20% off "B" coupon, and the register assumes that this is the "sale price" of the item.  Therefore, if you are buying 5 of these Aveeno Scrubs to reach a total of $29.10 at the shelf price, the register and Catalina machine only see the total as $23.33, the "sale price" value.  So, if you will be using the % off "B" coupons, just total the amount AFTER the % off has been taken, you will actually get more product for your money & be able to use more MQ's on the extra products.  In my example of the Aveeno Skin Scrub you would buy 6 at the "sale price" of $4.66 each (the price after the 20% off "B" coupon) and use (6) $2/1 Aveeno skincare MQ's.  Here is what that scenario would look like:

Buy (6) Aveeno Skin Scrubs -$4.66 each (price after 20% off "B" coupon)
use (6) $2/1 Aveeno Skincare MQ's
=$15.96 oop
get back $10 Cat -like paying $5.96 for 6 items or .99 each!

It seems like all of the $x/product x "B" coupons work fine, for now, but who knows if they will continue to work with this deal.  Here is the transaction I did to get my Cat coupon:

Zyrtec 30 ct. -$18.12
Aveeno Skin Bright Daily Face Scrub -$5.82
Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub -$4.47
Transaction total before coupons =$28.41 -(I think this is why it worked for me, I had a little bit over the $25 total, so when the $1.16 price adjustment calculated for the 20% off Aveeno "B" coupon, I still had the required $25+ total)

HEB yellow "B" coupons I used:
$4 off Zyrtec
20% off Aveeno (took off $1.16)
$2 off of Clean & Clear

MQ's I stacked with yellow coupons:
$4/1 Zyrtec
$2/1 Aveeno skincare product
$1/1 Clean & Clear product
Transaction total after coupons =$14.25
Catalina printed for $10 off next $30 purchase!
If you have any questions, just leave a comment & I will be happy to try to answer them!

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