Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New HEB yellow in-store "B" coupons to use in J&J deal!!

Here are the HEB yellow in-store "B" type coupons that you can stack with regular MQ's to maximize your savings if you are doing the Johnson & Johnson Cat deal (see post HERE).  I have listed available MQ's in the previously mentioned post, so you can combine them with these HEB "B" coupons:

25% off Tena Serenity Pads or Underwear Economy Packs, 14-44 ct.  Yellow HEB "B" coupon. 

20% off Aveeno, Johnson's or Desitin Baby Products, various sizes.  Yellow HEB "B" coupon.

20% off any Aveeno Skincare, Haircare, Suncare, or Shaving Products, (ETS and Bar Soap).  Yellow HEB "B" coupon.

Buy Children's Benadryl Liquid, 4-8 oz. (shelf price -4 oz.-$5.23, 8 oz. -$7.87) Get Kids Decorated Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages 20-25 ct. FREE.  Yellow HEB "B" coupon.

$4 off Zyrtec 10 mg. tablets or liquid gels 25-70 ct. (shelf price -25 ct. -$18.12).  Yellow HEB "B" coupon.

$4 off Zyrtec-D 12 Hr. Tablets 24 ct. (located in the Pharmacy) (shelf price -$22.00).  Yellow HEB "B" coupon.

$1.25 off Stayfree Pads (shelf price -$2.86), Carefree Pantiliners ($2.97), or o.b. Tampon Products ($5.97), (excludes Carefree 20-22 ct.).  Yellow HEB "B" coupon.

$2 off Clean & Clear Acne (shelf price -$3.95) or Bodywash Product ($4.95), (ETS).  Yellow HEB "B" coupon.

$2.75 off Precise External Pain Relief Cream 2.5 oz. or Patches 3-4 ct.  Yellow HEB "B" coupon.

*Please note* -Shelf prices listed may vary slightly and Yellow coupons listed may be pulled by the store management if deeemed necessary. 

Thank you so much to my "ladies in the field" for all of this very useful information, and all of the help you give us each week!!!


  1. I really like the way this is formatted. Much more appealing... not that reading great deals doesn't appeal to me!

    1. I'm glad you like it! The only bad thing is, I have to reley on other people to get me this type of information. Unfortunatly, I don't have time to gather all of the "B" coupons from HEB each week, then type them up and match them w/regular MQ's. But if someone gets them for me, like this week, with the prices marked on some of the coupons -wow, that's really great & I can do the rest!