Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My DG 70% off trip:

Check out the deals I scored at the Dollar General in Bloomington!  This is about 10 miles from my house, so it's actually easier for me to go to Bloomington than PL.  They still had lots and lots of stuff on the 70% off yellow dot apparel, footwear & accessories sale.  You can really score there if you have a little girl or need baby clothes!  They had sooo many super cute little girl shoes, most of them were less than $2.50!!  Here's what I got:

Mickey Mouse & Betty Boop themed women's PJ short sets -$4.80 each, (regular price $16)!
Men's mesh atheletic shorts -$3 each, (regular price $10)!
Brown Flip-Flops - .30 (regular price $1)!
Women's braid sandals -$2.40 (regular price $8)!
Boy's plaid shoes -$3 (regular price $10)!
Boy's "crocs" -$2.10 (regular price $7)!
Boy's Denim shorts -$3.60 (regular price $12)!

I also got a $10 off of a $30 purchase of Summer Lawn & Garden items coupon at the bottom of my receipt valid on 7/6 & 7/7.  You can also print that coupon HERE, just click on the "coupons" tab.


  1. I just went to the DG in PL today and they are having a buy one get one free yellow dot sale on clothing, not the 70% off.

    But yesterday I was in Palacios so I stopped by the DG and they had the 70% sale. I was able to get 3 cute Disney shirts for $3 each, a pair of girls flip flops for $2.10, a girls dress for $3.60 and even a scarf for me for $1.50!

    1. I know, I saw the advertisement for the BOGO at PL, but was really surprised when I drove by the DG in Bloomington & they still had signs out for the 70% off sale. I would think the 70% would be a better deal, I'm so glad you were able to still get in on it!