Friday, January 6, 2012

Save ALL of your receipts!

This is why I always tell everyone to save ALL of their receipts wyb anything!
It's very easy to do, just stick an envelope in a drawer somewhere (mine is in my kitchen "junk" drawer) and everytime you unload groceries, or come in from shopping, just stick the receipts in the envelope. Throw the whole envelope away every 2-4 months & start over!  Maybe save the last few receipts just in case. 

Here are a TON of MIR's or TMF's that you can send in to get all of these items FREE!

Most of these things have coupons that can be used on them so the MIR will make the item a MM in the end!

Most of these are a "satisfaction guarantee" MIR.  I can always find some legitimate reason why I wasn't satisfied, there are very few products that actually perform the way the company advertises them to.  If the product didn't live up to the advertisement or packaging promises, don't feel guilty for asking for a refund!

The Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges -MIR if not satisfied -expires 2-29-12 (these leave a film on my teeth!)

Maire Callender Lasagna meal -MIR if not satisfied -expires 4-30-12

Barilla Whole Grain Pasta, great tase guarantee -expires 5-15-12 (really, who likes the taste of whole grain pasta? & kids certainly don't like it!)

Bayer Advanced Asprin -MIR if not satisfied -expires 1-31-12

Just For Men Hair color -TMF -expires 12-31-12

Zegerid OTC -MIR if not satisfied -expires 12-31-12

Act II Popcorn -MIR if not satisfied -expires 3-31-12

Brawny paper towels -MIR if not satisfied

Bissell Stomp 'n Go -TMF -expires 4-15-12

TheraFlu -rebate -expires 3-31-12

Swiffer -MIR on select products if not satisfied -expires 6-30-12

$10 MIR on Britta pitcher or faucet mount system -if not satisfied -expires 3-31-12

Cascade Complete or ActionPacs -MIR if not satisfied

Silk Soy Milk -submit online if not satisfied

Quilted Northern toilet paper -MIR if not satisfied

Conair Extreme Hot Rollers -MIR if not satisfied -expires 1-15-12 -HURRY!  -There was a $10 coupon around Christmas for these so some of you may have received or given these for a gift! 

Drano Snake Plus -MIR if not satisfied -expires 7-30-12

Drano Dual Force -MIR if not satisfied -expires 7-30-12

Drano Max Gel -MIR if not satisfied -expires 7-30-12

Pantene hair care -MIR if not satisfied -they will refund you 2x's the purchase price if you aren't satisfied.  If you did the Pantene deal at CVS this week mail in your receipt!

Everybody's Nuts -they guarantee every nut will be opened, if you find a nut that is closed they will send you a coupon for a free package of nuts. 

Febreeze Products -up to a $15 MIR if not satisfied -expires 6-30-12

Pam cooking spray -MIR if not satisfied -expires 4-27-12

Green Works Cleaners -submit online for refund

Gerber Good Start formula -MIR if baby is fussy!  or any other reason you don't like it!

Prestone Anti-Freeze/Coolant -rebate -expires 2-29-12

Liquid Plumr -MIR if not satisfied -expires 6-30-12

Prilosec OTC -MIR if not satisfied -expires 60 days after purchase

Progresso Rich and Hearty Soup -MIR if not satisfied

I could start doing more MIR's, TMF's or money back guarantee's if you would like me to, just leave a comment if you want me to start doing more posts like this one.

Thanks to Refund Cents, My Litter, I Heart the Mart, Saving Well Spending Less, & Common Sense with Money.


  1. Yes I like them. I save a lot of my receipts but at my boyfriends request to show HIS mother how much I save! Heck of a compliment I think.

    Do you have to explain why you don't like it?

  2. That is QUITE a compliment, I think!

  3. Thanks again for all of these. Now I will be getting a lot of things I needed free. Doesn't get better than that.