Thursday, December 22, 2011

Need inexpensive, DIY, last minute gift ideas?

Here are some wonderful ideas from some very creative & imaginative people (not me!)

DIY Bath Salts

Make it right in the can caramel dip!
I made these this year for friends, they turned out very nice!

Reindeer "Beer" -too cute!

Chocolate covered pretzels

We "wisk" you a Merry "Kiss"mas!

Beautifully decorated Oreo cookies

Sugar hand or body scrub

Santa Hat pops!

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  1. How fun, I loved the caramel and the wisk ideas!

  2. I know, I thought the wisk was super cute & I was really surprised when the "carmel" was so easy to make (and it was yummy too)!

    Have a Merry Christmas!