Friday, December 16, 2011

Karen's Walmart Top 10!

Here is a list of the top 10 things I think are great deals at Walmart.  These are all things you can buy right now at OUR Walmart.

1.  KY Jelly 2 oz -$2.62
 use $3/1 Printable coupon
 =$0.38 MM!

2.  Kashi Go Lean Bar single -$1.25
 use $2/1 Printable coupon @ Recyclebank
 =$0.75 MM!

3.  Rayovac Low Drain Batteries (the yellow ones) -$0.97
 use $1/1 Printable coupon
 =$0.03 MM!

4.  Aquafresh Extreme Clean travel size toothpaste -$0.97
 use $1/1 Printable coupons
 =$0.03 MM!

5.  Suavitel Fabric Softner (small bottle) -$0.87
 use .50/1 MQ from the 11/13 SS
=$0.37 each!

6.  Maybelline Babylips -$2.94
 use $2/1 MQ from the 11/6 RP
 =$0.94 each!

7.  Nivea Lip Balm -$2.47
 use $3/2 MQ from the 12/4 RP (hurry -expires 12/18!)
 =$1.94/2 or $0.97 each!

8.  Purina Cat Chow 3.5 lbs -$3.98
 use $2/1 Printable coupon
 =$1.98 each!

9.  Bestlife Buttery Spread (small tub) -$1.98
 use $1/1 Printable coupon
 =$0.98 each!

10.  "Stackable" coupon combination:
       Olay white bars 2 pk -$2.55
 use $1/1 Olay bar MQ from the 11/27 P&G
       Then buy Olay Luscious Embrace or Silk Whimsy 2 pk -$4.45
 use $4/1 wyb any Olay product MQ from the 12/11 RP
Total =$2/2 or $1 each!

If you bought everything on this list you would pay $7.02 for 12 items making them less than $0.59 each!


  1. 2. Kashi Go Lean Bar single -$1.25
    use $2/1 Printable coupon @ Recyclebank
    =$0.75 MM!

    i was looking for this the other day and couldnt find it... i found some but they were deleted..dont think they will have these anymore

  2. Hi- I'm so glad you left a comment! I checked the link & made sure the coupons were still in stock and they are, so if you will follow the link in the post (click on the word "Printable") then, if you're not a member of Recyclebank, sign up, earn some points by browsing their site, then click on the "Get Rewards" tab at the top of their homepage. On the next page, to the left, you will see the catagories they have available, click on "Food and Beverage" and it will pull up the offers they have. Scroll down a little and you will see the Kashi coupon. You will need 75 points to add the Kashi coupon to your cart, but that's pretty easy to do. You can also only print it once a month, but it is a Bricks coupon, which means you can print it twice when you use your refresh button. Lmk if you have any problems and I will try to help all I can.