Monday, December 19, 2011

Do you want me to continue with the blog?

   I have to ask if people are really interested in this blog.  It takes up SOOO much of my time each day to keep up with all of the new printable coupons, match-ups from the drugstores & grocery stores, plus all of the great online deals.  I know I will have to put time into it for it to be worthwhile for people to look at because there are so many other great blogs out there with pretty much the same information. But if no one is really interested, then I would rather not waste my time doing this.  No one ever leaves comments here, which is the main reason I started this blog, so we could all discuss the great deals in our area & what everyone was doing to save money & live simply. 
  If the format of this blog needs changing, let me know.  If you would rather I post about couponing only, no online deals, or if you think I need to post about something I'm not posting about, let me know. I can only say that it seems like there is very little interest in this blog, certainly not enough to keep it up if the traffic doesn't improve. 
   If you are interested in this blog LEAVE A COMMENT to let me know, if you're not, then I doubt you would even be here looking at it, LOL!  If at least 20 people leave a comment for me keep it up I will, if not, then I will be closing it down after Christmas.  So if you think anyone else might be interested in it & want me to continue, send them the link to this blog & tell them to leave a comment.  If you want, post it to your Facebook page so people can find a link to it. 
  Thanks so much to all of you who do read this blog & have left comments here, I appreciate it. 
  If you support this blog by leaving comments, clicking on ads & visiting it regularly, then I know that the time I spend working on it is worth it!
  Thanks for everything!!



  1. I check it everyday, and I hope that you continue it. I understand that it must be time consuming though.

  2. I do enjoy reading about local deals. I will understand if choose not to continue b/c of time restraints.

  3. I value the feedback on the blog..I hope you continue to post.

  4. Hey Karen this is Heather, I hope you do not take the website down, I check it everyday and sometimes more lol! If you are restrained on time though I totally understand! I have tried leaving comments but couldnt ever figure out how to do it. Thank you for the time you put into it you are doing a great job!

  5. I am just now getting into couponing and I could use all the help I can get

  6. PLEASE keep doing it :) I check it everyday! Sometimes more. Just yesterday my mom was here and my living room was covered with coupons and we were checking your blog and making our lists.

    You've been very helpful to my family. My sister cleared the shelves in PL and got 28 bottles of soap free when you posted. I live in Victoria and got 54 bottles and made 54 cents! I've learned sooooo much.

  7. Thank you all for the comments! I'm just so glad that the blog is actually helping some people! Please continue to leave comments here and let me know what I can do better if we continue. Would you like me to do a Walmart top 10 on a monthly basis? Or how about an explaination of couponing at Walgreens or CVS? Since I am the blogger, I don't know how complicated of a process it is to become a follower of this blog or post comments here, let me know if it is too difficult & maybe I can find an easier way for y'all to follow it. I'm just really glad to know that there are some people reading it, because before, there were no comments left to let me know anyone was out there! I have no problem putting in the time of doing it if I know people are interested, but before, I didn't know if I was just talking to myself! LOL!

  8. Hi. I believe your blog really helps people and myself.I do hope u continue to update. But in sure its very time consuming. Thanks again for all your help.