Saturday, September 15, 2012

Walgreens weekly deals 9/16-9/22:

This week, the new Balance Rewards Card program will start at Walgreens!  It will reward you for select purchases in the form of points that can be converted into "Redemption Dollars" and then used to pay for your future purchases.  You can go HERE to sign up for the new Walgreens Balance Rewards Card and you can go HERE to read the fine print associated with the card.  Balance Points can be earned in five tiers, here is the conversion chart of points to dollars:

(1) 5,000 points = $5

(2) 10,000 points = $10

(3) 18,000 points = $20

(4) 30,000 points = $35

(5) 40,000 points = $50

Please note that Balance Rewards points will NOT show up automatically in your account, you will have to wait 3-5 days for the points to be posted in your account and to redeem any points you have accumulated. 

This Week's HOT List

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  1. Just a heads up that I went into Walgreen's at about 1:30 Sunday afternoon, and their new reward card system was already crashed, and you won't get credit for the items that would have gone towards it. They had no idea when it would be working. So much that!

    1. OMGosh really?? I went in just before that and bought a few things, now I'm wondering if I will get credit for the points? I also hate the fact that it takes so long for the points to show up in your account, so if you get short-changed, or there was a glitch, you won't know about it for 3-5 days. That means that the weekly sale will more than likely be over, and then what? RR's, will points only be available in the week of the sale?? IDK, too many questions! Did I mention I hate change? Lol!

  2. Yeah, I asked the cashier if he could look mine up by my phone number and he told me yes. Then, when I started to unload my transactions, he finally says, "Oh, but the system has crashed." I asked him if I would still get a credit for the items, and he said no. They had no idea when it would be up and running. That's really not helpful at all. Thanks a lot!

    1. Yeah -not helpful at all! I just wonder how many people missed out on their points before they realized the system was down? I can see this is gonna be a mess...I was hoping that the fact that the employees had been testing this system for the last 2 weeks would have worked out all of the bugs, but no such luck I guess!