Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Save .12 per gallon of gas @ HEB!!

This great gas deal started last week at HEB -save .12 per gallon when you purchase your gas with an HEB gift card.  So just stop inside the store, grab an HEB gift card, load it with whatever amount you will be spending on gas, then use the card right at the pump and save .12 per gallon!!!  This promo runs through the end of the year.  Don't forget to keep your empty gift cards and reload them to help keep unnecessary trash out of our landfills! 


  1. Someone told me that Walmart was doing .15 per gallon, but I haven't verified it myself.

    1. Yes...Walmart is doing .15 off per gallon, but I couldn't find an ad on it, so I didn't post it yet. The concept is the same, use a Walmart giftcard purchased in-store right at the pump (Murphy USA stations) to save .15 per gallon! I saw this advertised on TV last night.