Friday, August 3, 2012

B2S: Lunchbox notes -FREE download from Paper Coterie!!

These Lunch Notes from Paper Coterie are sooo cute!  You can head over HERE to download your own copy, then you can personalize them and tuck them into your child's lunch when they go back to school.  There are a ton of them, from comfort, appreciation & praise to reminders for after school activities & even apologys!  I love this idea!  Thanks Paper Coterie!

Here's a great idea for organizing those lunches, too that I saw on Pinterest:

Organize all the components of the lunch in the drawers, then let the kids choose one item from each drawer and pack their own lunch!!  I'm sure you could keep the actual sandwich in the 'fridge and just keep the sandwich keeper box in the drawer.  You can go HERE to see this organizational tool.

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