Thursday, February 9, 2012

How close do you have to get @ CVS for ECB's to print?

At CVS when you have an ECB deal that requires you to spend a certain amount to get a certain amount of ECB's back, do you ever wonder how close you have to be to get the ECB to print?  I have had them print at almost .40 less than the required amount!  I found these amounts that people have reported ECB's printing at:

  • A $10 ECB deal will print at $9.80
  • A $20 ECB deal will print at $19.60
  • A $30 ECB deal (including CVS cash cards) will print at $29.40
Now these are just reported printing totals, so who knows if yours will print at this amount (or less) but, if your ECB doesn't print for the total you were expecting, just do another transaction with an inexpensive item from the deals products & it will print, because all of CVS deals are cumulative!

Thanks WUC

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