Saturday, February 18, 2012

More FREE pet food @ HEB in P.L.!

HEB in Port Lavaca has the 2 lb Iams cat & dog food on clearance for $2.34.  Use the $3/1 MQ from the 1/29 P&G to get these for FREE!  A few days ago there were some problems with our HEB taking any coupons for over the amount of the product.  I contacted the corporate office & they had the Unit Director for our area email me.  Here is a copy of the email, I would copy & paste this into a word processor, then print it out & keep it on hand in your binder as proof that they WILL accept a coupon for over the amount of the product. 

Please accept my apologies for the problem you had with your coupon on your recent shopping trip.  The correct procedure would have been to accept the coupon for the item and then you would have received the item free with no money back.  I spoke with several checkers this morning and also their manager to make sure they understood the procedure.  We will get the word to the rest of the checkers also to ensure you do not have any more problems.  Should you have any concerns in the future, feel free to ask for me or call me at the store. 

Thanks for letting me know your concerns, it's the only way we can know how to serve our customers better!

Dodie Stuart
Unit Director
HEB Port Lavaca 434

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