Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"FREE" carseat cover for baby!

Go HERE to order your "FREE" carseat cover!  I put FREE in quotes because you do still have to pay shipping on this & that comes out to $12.95, but still not a bad price, I think these are really pretty.  Use the code VALENTINE.  These are regularly priced $49.95!!

You can also get their "Whole Caboodle" 5 piece set for only $29.95 (+ shipping) with the same code: VALENTINE.  This is regularly priced $135.00!!  I have also heard that if you use the code to get the "Whole Caboodle" after checkout, they will give you another code to get a FREE breast feeding cover from Udder Covers & a code for a FREE sling carrier at Seven Everyday Slings!!!

Thanks ML

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  1. If anyone finds out the code for the breastfeeding cover, let me know!!!