Saturday, May 5, 2012

My garden, the ultimate in frugal living!

This is the squash that I got from my garden yesterday & will get more today!  I will use some of it to cook for meals (boil & fry), make some zucchini bread, and give away to friends & neighbors.  Squash does not preserve well, so I will not be canning it, but most of the other things from my garden I will can this summer for use throughout the year.  If you follow this blog, you already know how I feel about a garden saving you money.  IMO, it is the best way to save the most money (next to coupons)!  Everything that comes out of the garden is FREE for as long as it produces, it will almost always over-produce, so you will have an abundance to can, freeze or give away! 

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1 comment:

  1. I agree. My dad used to have a garden and we had sooooo much we just gave it to everyone we knew. He didn't do it this year because of the heat but its a really good idea.

    To anyone who has not tried zucchini bread: it is AMAZING. Its sweet. Really good in the morning for breakfast or for a snack.