Sunday, May 20, 2012

A link for coupon match-ups for the week of 5/20-5/26:

If you would like to look at the coupon match-ups for the week for CVS & Walgreens, you can go HERE.  It can be kind of difficult to navigate their site if you aren't familiar with them, so here are step-by-step directions to get you to the match-ups for CVS & Walgreens:

On the homepage, click the tab that is titled "Coupon Forum"
On the drop down menu, click "Main Coupon Forum"
Scroll down to the "Deal Locator"
Click on CVS
Scroll down, to the post titled "CVS 5/20-5/26 ECB deals & ad scan"

or to see Walgreens:
After the "Deal Locator" title
Click Walgreens
Scroll down to the post titled "Walgreens ad 5/20-5/26"

There is a lot of information on this site, so look around, you may find something you are interested in.

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