Friday, May 11, 2012

IMO -Good 'n Natural Bars:

I had to do an IMO about the Good 'n Natural bars since I have heard people are paying .30-.50 each for the FREE coupons for these bars on clipping sites.  I got the FREE bar coupon from the Dallas inserts that I regularly purchase each week.  Now, I only pay .30 for the WHOLE insert, plus shipping, so I don't feel like I put too much money out each week, it would be much more expensive if I bought multiple Sunday papers (and was stuck with crappy coupons).
But back to the Good 'n Natural bars, these are the most DISGUSTING things I have ever tasted!  I only tried the Cranberry Almond flavor, but it was all I could do to swallow the bite I had in my mouth!!  I'm not kidding you, the after taste was the flavor of vomit!  I threw the rest of the bar in the trash, so this is my warning...DO NOT BUY THE CRANBERRY ALMOND GOOD 'N NATURAL BARS!  If you don't have this coupon for these bars, pllllllllleeeeease do not pay good money to a clipping site for the coupon!!!  They are not worth it!  I don't think I am the only one who feels this way either, I've seen on other sites where people are saying they don't taste very good.  It's no wonder that the manufacturers are giving this product away!!

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