Thursday, June 7, 2012

Unadvertised Cat printing for 400 Pampers Gifts to Grow pts. @ Walgreens: **UPDATE**

Right now, at Walgreens, there is an unadvertised Catalina that will print for 400 Pampers Gifts to Grow points wyb 1 package of Pampers & 1 package of Duracell batteries in the same transaction.  This is supposed to be valid through 6/30.  Let us know if you have any luck with this.

**UPDATE**  Make sure to read the comments below for additional information from Amber R. about this deal!!

Thanks Hip 


  1. This is what it says on my Gifts To Grow account:

    "When you buy your diapers with Duracell®, Febreze®, Tide®, Swiffer®, or Pantene® at a participating retailer, you'll get a bonus code with your receipt. Simply log in to your Gifts to Grow account and enter the code to receive the bonus points. Remember to also enter the diaper code from your purchase. Those are your points too!"


    Pampers Diapers + 1 featured product = 400 bonus points
    Pampers Diapers + 2 featured product = 800 bonus points
    Pampers Diapers + 3 featured product = 1,200 bonus points

    Purchase all 5 products along with your diapers and earn a maximum of
    2,000 bonus points"

    Then I looked up the participating retailers and their locations and Walgreens in Port Lavaca and Victoria are listed. If you live somewhere bigger, there are more stores listed by city.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for all of the additional info. Don't forget, you can use coupons on the diapers and on the featured products to get the oop lower for you!! Thanks Amber, you're the best!