Monday, June 18, 2012

Looks like CVS ads are now going regional :(

Here is a copy of the front page of the CVS ad that was posted on the site I always use to preview all of the upcomming CVS ads to let you know about the great deals that will be available in the future.  As you can see, it's different than the ad that came out in our area.  This is the first time that the ad from the preview site and the actual ad have been this different, but it doesn't end there, here is another front page from another site:

As you can see, they are actually having a 4 day sale + extra CVS coupons in the ad.

I have never known CVS ads to be regional, but as always, it looks like we are getting the short end of the stick in our area.  No cereal deal, no V05, & no candy in our ad!  The worst of this problem is, this means that I won't have an advanced look at the ad anymore.  Because I won't be sure if any of the items in the online preview will be included in our ad, I will now have to wait until Friday to be able to see our actual ad!  I will continue to get the upcomming freebies posted, but it looks like the earliest I will be able to post will be on Friday.  I will try to continue to give you a heads-up on upcomming good deals from CVS, but you will have to be aware that until it can be confirmed in our local ad, it might not apply to us!  I hate that CVS is doing this, it makes it so hard on me to keep you informed, and it makes it hard on you to keep up with what may or may not be available in the weekly ad. 


  1. That is really unfair of them!

    1. I know! I think they are trying out some "test market" ads in very populated areas of NY & CA, which are where a lot of the preview sites that are available to bloggers are from, so that makes it even more difficult! I'll try my best to keep everyone up to date, but now it will be hit-or-miss with some deals, they might not even be in our ad (like the cereal deal this week)!